Credits & Copyright: Andrei Pfeiffer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you live?
I live in Timisoara, Romania.
Do you shoot digital or film?
Mainly, at the moment, I shoot digital but often I use film aswell.
Do you want to do link exchange?
Nope, I don't do link/banner exchange by request simply because this is not a place to promote other websites (there are so many different methods).
Can I use your photos?
Well, I would be very pleased for you to use my photos, but ask for my permission. We can discuss the terms. Otherwise, it would be very lame (and also a copyright fraud) to use my photos for commercial purpose, without my approval, but then again, what can you do with 650px photos?
Do you do weddings or any other kind of event photography?
Rarely I do weddings, too.
How much does a private photoshoot cost?
Depends on many aspects, so please contact me for a quote.
Are you a professional protographer?
No, I am simply an amateur that uses professional and semi-professional photo equipment. I practice photography in my spare time, but very rarely it also becomes part of my job.
Do you sell prints?
Yes, some of the photographs are available for print aswell.
How much does a print cost?
Depends on the size of the print and the type of paper that is printed on. It also depends on the frame and also the shipping costs. For a quote, please contact me.