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News archive

  • "Point of View" at Toulouse, FR 2013

    12 July 2013

    The third "Point of View" event, and the first outside Romania, took place on the 6th on July in Toulouse, France.

  • "Point of View" at Nauhaus 2013

    23 February 2013

    We have continued our "Point of View" project at the annual event held at the Arts Highschool in Timisoara. You can see all photos on our Facebook page.

  • "Point of View" at Plai 2012

    13 September 2012

    We (me and Lia) will be present at Plai 2012 festival (14-16 September) with a small collection of custom made, funky-funny glasses, designed and created by Lia. It is called "Point of View" (Punct de Vedere). We will take photos of the people wearing them and will upload them on our Facebook page.

  • Honorable Mention in People category at Black and White Spider Awards 7th Annual

    12 June 2012

    On the 9th of June 2012 The Black and White Spider Awards announced their 7th annual winners. Besides the other nomination in the Nude category, I also got an Honorable Mention in the People category for the amateurs.

  • Nominee in Nude at Black and White Spider Awards 7th Annual

    11 June 2012

    On the 9th of June 2012 The Black and White Spider Awards announced their 7th annual winners. I got a nomination in the Nude category for Amateurs.

  • FAQ section added

    25 November 2010

    I just added a new page to the website, called faq. It contains some of the answers to some of your possible questions concerning this website and some additional information regarding me and my work. Let me know if you have any more questions that you think I might put in this section. Thanks.

  • upsidedown.ro v2 now online

    23 October 2010

    Finally I got this update online, after almost of year since I started the rebuilding. Here are some of the improvements: - you can scroll horizontally with your mouse scroll - you can use scroll buttons at the bottom of the page - more intuitive navigation and better user experience when browsing images, viewing/posting comments - a bit larger images (in the detail page) - RSS A few more are on the way, but for now I am very happy that I finally got this version online. Thank you for your visit!

  • Nominee in Portrait at Black and White Spider Awards 5th Annual

    25 January 2010

    On the 24th of January 2010 The Black and White Spider Awards announced their 5th annual winners. I was amazed about the high standard of images that were nominated at all categories. One of my 3 photos was nominated on Portrait Amateur category.

  • Plai festival 2009

    16 September 2009

    We created 4 "living statues" during the Plai Festival that took place between 11-13 september 2009. Our statues were very alive and played games with the visitors, which received small prints in exchange.

  • Alter Ego, Photography Exhibition

    21 February 2009

    Today, 21st February 2009, took place the opening of my first exhibition named Alter Ego. I was the one responsible for the lighting and actual photography, while my good friend Lia Radoi took care of the make-up and the setup for the shoot. Now you can view all the 16 photos online.

  • Website launch

    21 January 2007

    Finally, this photography website was published online. Currently not all the initial features are available, but as time passes, new features will be available.Thank you for visiting.